Current Board of Elders
The word Presbyterian means governed by elders. We proudly uphold our Presbyterian heritage and polity by electing a board of elders to serve our church and our community. The 12 individuals, who each serve 3 year terms, are responsible for the ministry and governance of the church. They set our budgets, manage the church staff, plan our discipleship opportunities, support our mission work and so much more. Elders play a vital role in the work of the church. Below you will find the Elders of Meridian Presbyterian Church. 
Class of 2019
Dave Freund
Les Freehling
Ken Mossgrove
Autumn Moore
Class of 2020
Jerry Dambaugh
Peg Morrison
Charlotte Smedley
Bill Rape
Class of 2021
Eric Shiever
Kevin Hilliard 
Bonnie Fiel
Harriet Sanderson