Guidelines for Reopening Meridian Presbyterian Church
Updated September 9th, 2020
The following has been approved by the Meridian Presbyterian Church session in order to safely provide worship for
our church during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worship Plans for September and October
– Weather permitting we will have 1 outdoor worship service at 11 AM on the playground side of the property.
– The announcement will be made via email and on our website every Wednesday
– Bring your own chair and space out appropriately.
When the weather does not permit outdoor worship we will continue with our 2 services:
– 9 AM 
– 11 AM – Live streamed
– Reservations are not required
– Communion will be served on scheduled days through prepackaged communion cups.

Safety Precautions for Sunday Mornings
– The nursery and JR Church are continuing at the 11 AM service only.
– All doors to the church and sanctuary will be propped open to reduce points of contact.
– All people will be required to wear a mask when walking through the building, but not during worship as long as they are socially distances by 10 feet or more.
– Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the building.
– Please refrain from using the bathrooms unless it is an emergency.
– There will be no fellowship time, greeters, handshaking, or coffee room.
– Offering plates will be by the entry doors if you would like to drop off your giving. We encourage
you to continue with online and mail in giving.
– Bulletins will be emailed out ahead of time. We will also have a scannable QR code for you to
get it on your personal device.
– Pews will be marked for use for each service time. Please use the designated open pews for your
time. Please do not sit in the closed pews.

Guidelines for all Other Church Activity
– We are reopening the church for normal activity under these guidelines.
– Your group is required to sanitize and clean the spaces that are used including wiping down
entry doors, room doors, chairs, and tables.
– Please, if possible, refrain from using the restrooms.
– Groups must be small enough to social distance (6 feet apart).
– Masks must be worn.

Please respect other people and use common sense when interacting within the church. God bless!