Mission Statement

We are a community of worship living out our faith in Christ, in obedience to Scripture, we witness to the reality of God’s love in our lives and the world through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Together we, in the name of Jesus Christ:

WELCOME – Outside our sanctuary doors is a sign that reads, “For Sinners Only.” In Deuteronomy 10 God commands that we are to “love those who are foreigners.” As the church of Jesus Christ we welcome anyone to join us. However, welcoming people into your community of faith does not mean you have to compromise your beliefs. We love the foreigners, the lonely, the needy, and the sinner.

WORSHIP – The style of worship is not important because worship is a matter of the heart. As the woman return from the tomb on that first Easter, Matthew 28 tells us that they “fell at his feet and worshiped him.” This wasn’t about music, style, or time. When we encounter the risen Lord, we can’t help but to fall at his feet in worship. As the church, worship is not about Sunday mornings, it is a way of living. “Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, this is your spiritual act of worship.” Romans 12

GROW – Our church is growing in every aspect. However, we are not focused on growing numbers, budgets, or programs. Our calling is to grow in our faith. The pursuit of the Christian should be to continue to strive after Him, “They devoted themselves to the disciple’s teachings and to prayer.” Acts 2

SERVE – Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 that whatever we’ve done to the least of these we have done to Him. We are constantly reminded that to follow Jesus means to serve His people and not ourselves. For so many, the church has become a place to meet their own needs instead of a place where we meet the need of others. At MPC we are striving to become a place that serves the world!